Ali Baba: Dastaan -E-Kabul (Sony SAB) Serial Cast & Crew, Timing, Start Date, Actors & Story

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ali baba dastaan e kabul
ali baba dastaan e kabul
Name Ali Baba: Dastaan -E-Kabul 
Genre Drama, supernatural, thriller 
Directed By Ma’am Singh Manku, Ravi Bhushan
Produced by Nissar Parvez, Alind Srivastava 
Theme music composer Souvyk Chakraborty 
Country of origin India
Original language Hindi
No. of Seasons 1
No. of episodes 106
Running Time 20-25 minutes 
Camera Setup Multi Camera 
Show timing Monday-Friday, 8:00 pm 
Original Network Sony SAB
Release date August 22, 2022-ongoing 


Ali Baba: Dastaan -E-Kabul Cast Real Name:

Ali Baba: Dastaan -E-Kabul cast real names are the following:

Main Cast:

The real names of the Main cast of drama serial Ali Baba: Dastaan -E-Kabul are following:

  • Sheezan Mohammed Khan as Ali Baba   (Mustafa and Roshni’s son, caretaker of five orphan children, Mariam’s love-interest, Zoravar’s rival)
  1. Subhan Khan as young Ali Baba
  • Tunisha Sharma as Shehzaadi Mariam, (Princess of Kabul, Ali Baba’s love-interest, Sultan Shah Zuhaid’s daughter, known as Marjina by Ali Baba, his five orphan children and his friends.)
  • Karthik Jayaram as Iblis, (devotee of Iblis and named after him, leader of 40 thieves, Simsim’s love interest and a dreadful and deadly warrior.)
  • Sayantani Ghosh as Simsim, (devotee of Iblis and later become guardian of the Cave, Iblis love interest.)

Support Role Cast:

The real names of the support role cast of drama serial Ali Baba: Dastaan -E-Kabul are following:

  • Arisht Jain as Imaad  (An intelligent orphan raised by Ali Baba, later revealed to be Ziya Abdali’s biological second son and Zoravar’s younger step-brother whom he abandoned in Ali Baba’s house years ago)
  • Sara Paintal as Gulrez   (A youngest of all the orphans raised by Ali Baba)
  • Ekagra Dwivedi as Poya  (A foodie and fat orphan raised by Ali Baba)
  • Jared Savaille as Nafi Afghani (A chilled and open-minded so-called orphan raised by Ali Baba, later revealed to be the son of Theeyab Afghani who is the Chief of Nakabjani Tribe and is raised by the family of thieves)
  • Ananya Dwivedi as Alifi   ( kind and eldest of all the orphans raised by Ali Baba)
  • Naved Aslam as Mustafa   (Qasim and Ali Baba’s father and a great sorcerer who was killed by Iblis)
  • Sunita Shirole as Noora Bibi   (Mustafa’s mother, Qasim and Ali Baba’s paternal grandmother)
  • Vineet Raina as Qasim  (Mustafa’s son from first wife and Ali Baba’s elder step brother, was killed by Simsim and the forty thieves)
  • Sapna Thakur as Nazia   (Qasim’s widow, Ali Baba’s sister-in-law)
  • Ayush Shrivastava as Khusro   (Ali baba’s best friend who hails from Hindustan)
  • Hunza Sabir as Zarif   (Dariba’s sister, Ali baba’s friend)
  • Parth Zutshi Sarin as Dariba   (Zarifa’s brother, Ali baba’s friend)
  • Akshay Anand as Sultan Shah Zuhaid    (Kind Emperor of Kabul and Mariam’s father who was assassinated by his own brother-in-law, Saddam)
  • Baby Farida as Zoya   (Mariam’s caretaker who was killed by Majhud)
  • Karan Pahwa as Jahangir
  • Kaushik Chakravorty as Monk
  • Chandan Anand as Saddam  (Mariam’s wicked maternal uncle who became the Emperor of Kabul with Simsim’s help)
  • Soneer Vadhera as Majhud   (A general of Kabul’s army and Saddam’s sidekick, Yajhud’s twin brother)
  • Mohit Abrol as Zoravar, ( Shahi Sarrak’s chief Zia Abdali’s son, Imaad’s elder step-brother, Ali Baba’s rival, He was killed by the snake monster named Fakri sent by the Simsim and the 40 thieves)
  • Zahid Ali as Ziya Abdali   (Shahi Sarrak’s chief, Zoravar and Imaad’s father)
  • Khushbu Tiwari as Fathima  (Afrasia’s daughter, Ali Baba’s love-interest)
  • Navina Bole as Afrasiya  (Fatima’s mother)
  • Ravi Gossain as Usmaan  (A low ranked general in Kabul’s army whom Ali Baba tricked by disguising as Iblis)
  • Rajdeep Singh Kharoud as Haider
  • Athar Siddiqui as Dajjal
  • Gaurav Walia as Ifrit   (second-in-command of forty thieves and the most powerful thief after Iblis)
  • Raviz Thakur as Khafees  (one of the forty thieves and Iblis’ one of the favourites)
  • Kailash Topnani as Ghoul   (one of the forty thieves and Iblis’ one of the favourites)
  • Rumi Khan
  • Behzaad Khan as Behzaak  
  • Anshul Bammi as Shahmed   (Prince of Herat and Saddam’s sidekick)

Plot story of the drama serial Ali Baba: Dastaan -E-Kabul:

Ali Baba: Dastan-E-Kabul is the story about a person named Ali who takes care of five orphan child’s and is living with them. His father Mustafa before dying locked forty thieves into a cave and cursed them. While trying to lock Iblis and stooping him from harming Kabul he died. Simsim who is loyal to Iblis tries to break the curse and makes Forty thieves free. The thieves try to find the tailsmaan in which spirit of Iblis is caged. 

One part of tailsmaan is with Ali with his knowledge and other is found by Shezadi Mariam who is running away from her palace after the death of his father. Mariam father Sultan Shah Zuhaid was murdered by Saddam who is working under Simsim and wanted to be king. Somehow Mariam gets rescued. Ali and Mariam meet each other and they undergo great problems to save themselves and the five orphan child. Forty thieves recover the part if tailsmaan that Mariam had and they try to find the other part. 

After getting in danger several time the orphan child and Ali and Mariam reach back to home. Ali and Mariam develop feelings for each other as the time passes and they start understanding each other. Qasim dies when he tries to steal the treasure from the cave and is murdered by Simsim and forty thieves. Ali decides to take revenge for his brother death.

 Ali Baba: Dastaan-E-Kabul Latest update:

In the latest update of drama Ali tries to enter the other magical world where he can’t use his magic and has to come back before sunset otherwise he will be stuck in their forever. Meanwhile Mariam is waiting for savior in the market. Saddam becomes women for finding a shelter. Ali decides to visit the different world to get any idea to stop forty thieves and Simsim.

Ali Baba: Dastaan -E-Kabul plot twist:

In upcoming plot twist Ali will set on his journey and his grandmother will tell him that no one returned after going in there.