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Name: Harphoul Mohini
Genre: Drama, Romance, Action, family, thriller. 
Written by: Tanuja Chaturvedi 
Directed By: Rohit Dwivedi
Produced by: Rajesh Ram Singh, Pradeep Kumar, Piya Bajpayee, Shaika Parween
Country of origin:  India 
Original language: Hindi 
No. of Seasons:
No. of episodes: 114
Running Time: 16-19 minutes 
Camera Setup: Multi Camera 
Show timing Monday (Friday 9:00 pm
Original Network: Colors Tv
Release date: June 13 (December 8, 2022

Harphoul Mohini Cast Real Name:

Harphoul Mohini cast real names are the following:

Main Cast:

The real names of the Main cast of drama serial Harphoul Mohini are following:

  • Zebby Singh as Harphoul Chaudhary (Harveer and Phoolmati’s younger son, Santok’s younger brother, Manyu, Aadesh and Sukkha’s best friend, Mohini’s Husband)
  • Shagun Sharma as Mohini Chaudhary (Vijayan and Shyamala’s Eldest daughter, Malli, Velli and Savitri’s Eldest sister, Harphoul’s Wife)

Support Role Cast:

The real names of the support role cast of drama serial Harphoul Mohini are following:

  • Supriya Shukla as Phoolmati ‘Maai’ Chaudhary (Harveer’s widow, Harphoul and Santok’s mother, Shalini and Mohini’s mother-in-law)
  • Tej Sapru as Balwant Singh Chaudhary (Harveer’s younger brother, Sharda’s husband, Harphoul and Santok’s uncle)
  • Jaanvi Sangwan as Sharda Chaudhary (Balwant’s wife, Harphoul and Santok’s aunt)
  • Priya Gautam as Devyani (Balwant’s daughter in law, Rajendra’s wife)
  • Amal Sehrawat as Santok Singh Chaudhary (Harveer and Phoolmati’s elder son, Harphoul’s elder brother, Shalini’s husband)
  • Sonali Nikam as Shalini Chaudhary (Santok’s wife, Harphoul’s sister-in-law)
  • Karan Maan as Surendra Singh Chaudhary -Son of Balwant Singh Chaudhary)
  • Kunal Jaiswal as Rajendra Singh Chaudhary – Son of Balwant Singh Chaudhary)
  • Preeti Gandwani as Dr. Saroj (Phoolmati’s niece, Harphoul and Santok’s sister, Rajan and Rahul’s mother)
  • Pankaj Vishnu as Vijayan Unni (Shyamla’s husband, Mohini, Malli, Velli and Savitri’s father)
  • Resham Rampur as Shyamla Unni (Vijayan’s wife, Mohini, Malli, Velli and Savitri’s mother)
  • Iqra Shaikh[5] as Malli Unni (Vijayan and Shyamla’s second daughter, Mohini’s Younger Sister, Velli and Savitri’s Elder sister)
  • Ashi Sharma as Velli Unni (Vijayan and Shyamla’s third daughter, Mohini and Malli Younger Sister , Savitri’s Elder sister)
  • Aadhya Barot as Savitri ‘Savi’ Unni (Vijayan and Shyamla’s fourth daughter, Mohini, Malli and Velli’s Youngest sister)
  • Akshay Suri as Sukhvinder ‘Sukha’ (Harphoul’s best friend)
  • Vinn Modgill as Abhimanyu ‘Manyu’ (Harphoul’s best friend)
  • Ayan Kapoor as Aadesh (Harphoul’s best friend)
  • Manohar Teli as Banwari Singh Chaudhary (Harveer and Balwant’s cousin)
  • Trilokchander Singh as Sarpanch
  • Manish Khanna as Bhaiji (Balwant’s boss)
  • Pradeep Duhan as Inspector
  • Nupur Yadav as Ragini
  • Anny Singh as Shushila (Mohini’s friend)
  • Abha Parmar as Ganga
  • Diya Singh as Minoo
  • Sumit Setia as Sunder
  • Vishaal Kapoor as Sandeep (husband of Ragini)
  • Deepak Soni as inspector Sameer Chauhan

Harfaul Mohini serial  plot :

Harfol Mohini is an action and thriller drama about Mohini Mohini and Harfol which are different from each other and contrast in personalities. Mohini is a resident of Kerala where she is living with her parents and brothers and sisters. Mohini father loses his job and is in anarchy because no one wants to marry his daughters without dowry and also has to pay home money. Mohini promised her father that she would get a boy who would marry her without any dowry.

Harfaul is a resident of Haryana and is living with his mother, especially in competent brother and sister. He is also struggling to save his ancestral land from his uncle who wants to occupy the house. The panchayat decided that if Harfaul does not marry within the month, he would lose the house. So he is trying to get married.

Harfaul and Mohini Mai’s niece are ready to get married with the help of Saroj, who is also a resident of Kerala. Balwant Chaudhary, who is the uncle of Harfaul, tries his best to stop the marriage, but all are in vain. Harfaul and his family reached Kerala for marriage. Mohini and Harfaul do not like each other, but they are ready for marriage for their parents.

Mohini and Harfaul relationship passes up and down. Balwant tries to harm Mohini but Harfaul saves her. Mai tells Mohini everything how Balwant killed all -rounder’s father and he is also behind her father’s land. Mai says that she will try her best to take revenge. Mohini also says that she too will help her and this family also belongs to her.

Balwant tried his evil strategy to kill Mohini and Harfaul and tried his best to get the ground. Mohini tries to send him to jail but she went out with a bribe to the police. Mohini and Harfaul go through difficulties to save their relationship. Mohini thinks about opening the clinic and Harfaul helps her. Mohini becomes pregnant and gives birth to watermelon which is not watermelon, and the goddess who reaches there to help Mohini in difficult times. She kills Balwant and goes back. After the time, Mohini daughter is shown and they are all happy with their lives and the play ends there.