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Name Madam Sir
Genre Comedy, Drama, Action 
Directed By Hemen Chauhan 
Produced by Jay Mehta, kinnari Mehtaa
Written by  Deepak Malik, Devag Kakkad, Vikas Sharma, Sameer Garud, Lourrecnce Joseph, John
Theme music composer: Lalit Send 
Country of origin India
Original language Hindi
No. of Seasons 1
No. of episodes 693
Running Time 22-26 minutes 
Camera Setup Multi Camera 
Show timing Monday-Friday,10:30 pm
Original Network Sony SAB 
Release date February 24, 2020-Ongoing


Madam Sir Cast Real Names:

Madam Sir cast real names are the following:

Main Cast:

The real names of the Main cast of drama serial Madam Sir are following:

  • Gulki Joshi as S.H.O. Haseena Mallik aka Maddam Sir / Urmila “Urmi” Mahadev Mhatre (SHO of MPT, Shahjahan and Noorjahan’s daughter, Anubhav’s ex-fiancée, Karishma’s mentor and close friend)
  • Yukti Kapoor as S.I. Karishma Singh / Qayamat  (SI at MPT, Kaushalya’s twin-sister, Anubhav’s cousin, Pushpa’s daughter-in-law, Haseena’s protective close friend.)
  • Yukti Kapoor as Kaushalya Singh alias Kareena (stage name) (An actress, Karishma’s twin-sister, Anubhav’s cousin)
  • Sonali Pandit Naik as Head Constable Pushpa Singh (The oldest member of MPT and Counselling Head, Pyare’s widow, Karishma’s mother-in-law)
  • Yashkant Sharma as Constable Cheeteshwar “Cheetah” Chaturvedi (A women’s psychology specialist at MPT, Santu’s love-interest)
  • Priyanshu Singh replaced Sharma as Cheeteshwar
  • Ajay Jadhav as Billu Champat (He was a thief who is a spy now he loves living in  jail as he doesn’t has any other place to stay)

Support Role Cast:

The real names of the support role cast of drama serial Madam Sir are following:

  • Bhavika Sharma as Cyber Crime Specialist Constable Santosh “Santu” Sharma (A police officer in charge of cyber-crime, Cheetah’s love-interest)
  • Satyapal Landge as Badnaam      (Tea seller of the MPT locality)
  • Ashwani Rathore as Iqbal      (The barber of the MPT locality, he loves telling made up stories)
  • Gaurav Wadhwa as Reporter Sunny Chaddha 
  • Jatin Arora replaced Wadhwa as Sunny Chaddha
  • Rajesh Dubey as DSP Mahesh Singh 
  • Umesh Bajpai as Fassruddin Nawab Sahab      (Owner of the mansion where the MPT is situated, Raees and Zeenat’s father)
  • Nimesh Soni as Bulbul Pandey      (S.H.O. of Jankipooram Police Thaana, Pallavi’s husband, Champak’s senior and brother-in-law)
  • Nimesh Soni as Kartik Bajaj      (The owner of a cab driving company)
  • Balli      (LPJ diet plan company’s owner who fooled people)
  • Rahil Azam as DSP Anubhav Singh      (A negotiation specialist in IB and DSP of Lucknow, Karishma and Kaushalya ‘s cousin, Haseena’s ex-fiancé)
  • Esha Kansara as S.I./S.H.O Misri Pandey      (A corrupt police officer who came to MPT, temporarily, was promoted as S.I. due to her uncle’s help)
  • Pankhuri Awasthy Rode as ASI Mira      (A humanoid robot police officer invented by C.A.R.D. Research Institute and was sent to MPT for a 90 days trial)
  • Savi Thakur as S.H.O. Amar Vidrohi      (Yogita’s younger brother, Bunty’s adoptive father, A newly appointed male in-charge of the MPT)
  • Jay Pathak as Head Constable Harendra Singh aka Deewan Ji      (A newly appointed male head constable of MPT under Amar Vidrohi)
  • Rachana Parulkar as Shivani Pawar      (Leader of Chingaari Gang)
  • Prachi Bohra as Binny Chaudhary      (Member of Chingaari Gang)
  • Sulabha Arya as Saira Begum      (Senior member of Chingaari Gang and fonder of the Gang, A victim of domestic violence)
  • Roopa Divetia as Noorjahan Malik      (Haseena’s mother, she also cares about Karishma Singh like a younger daughter)
  • Utkarsha Naik replaced Divetia as Noorjahan
  • Salman Shaikh as Rajvir Tomar aka Computer      (Head Constable of Jankipooram Police Thaana. He has a crush on Karishma Singh)
  • Amit Kumar Sinha as Champak Chaudhary      (A Constable at Jankipooram Police Thaana, Pallavi’s brother, Bulbul’s junior and brother-in-law)
  • Disha Savla as Pallavi Pandey      (Champak’s sister, Bulbul’s wife)
  • Jignesh Modi as Chedi      (A Constable at Jankipooram Police Thaana)
  • Prakash Ramchandani as Secret Agent Ajay Bakshi      ( Anubhav’s senior who restricted him to get engaged to Haseena)
  • Lakshya Handa as Avtaar Kapoor      (Karishma’s boss)
  • Darpan Shrivastava as Usman      (The Biriyani Seller of MPT locality)
  • Harveer Singh replaced Shrivastava as Usman)

Plot story of the drama serial Madam Sir:

Madam Sir is drama about three female officers of Mahila Police Station. Hassena Malik is the main character and S.H.O, Karishma  Singh is S.I and Pushpa Singh a head Constable. The police station also has a male Constable Cheeteshwar Chaturvedi. Hassena Malik is emotional when it comes to solving cases but Karishma is short tempered and is all serious about solving cases. Their difference in opinion and personality is the cause of rift between them. But deep down they care and respect each other. Karishma grows fondness for Hassena Malik with the help of DSP Anubhav. He is a secret agent.

Hassena starts loving Anubhav and proposes him for marriage which he accepts but it is later revealed that he pretended to be in love with Hassena for a mission. But it takes twist when he actually falls in love with Hassena and proposes her Hassena rejects him with the fear of being hurt. As time passes they grow closer and are ready to get engaged, but Anubhav has to leave due to mission. 

A new chapter starts at Mahila Police Station when they get a humanoid for the trial test for 90 days named ASI Mira. She was there to learn human emotions but the problem starts when the robot gets hacked by someone unknown for the disk containing secret information. Mira ends up shooting Hassena, but realizing everything tells everyone on which Karishma shuts her down permanently to save her from getting hacked again. 

Karishma find someone who looks like Hassena and takes her to police station to find the person who killed Haseena. The look alike turns out to be Hassena who was disguised as  Urmilla on the order of her senior Ajay Bakshi. It turn out that behind everything was Anubhav and he tried to kill Hassena. Hassena shots fights with him and ends up losing memories. Karishma shoots Anubhav to the death.

Hassena and Karishma also try to take down the Chingari Gang that consist of women who beats up men that harasses women. Karishma joins the Gang to learn about it and gets in danger. But is saved by her team. Mira also makes a comeback with an updated version.