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Name    Meet-Badlegi Dunyia Ki Reet 
Genre    Drama
Directed By    Vaibhav Singh, Pushka Pandit, Avinash Kumar
Produced by    Sumeet Hukamchand Mittal, Shashi Mittal, Jitandra Singh 
Theme music composer    Ashish Rego
Country of origin    India
Original language    Hindi
No. of Seasons    1
No. of episodes    444
Running Time    20-22 minutes 
Camera Setup    Multi Camera 
Show timing   Monday-Saturday, 7:30 pm
Original Network   Zee Tv 
Release date   August 23, 2021- ongoing 


Meet-Badlegi Dunyia Ki Reet Cast Real Name:

Meet-Badlegi Dunyia Ki Reet cast real names are the following:

Main Cast:

The real names of the Main cast of drama serial Meet-Badlegi Dunyia Ki Reet are following   (

  • Ashi Singh as Meet Hooda Ahlawat / Manjari Desai   (Anubha and Ashok’s younger daughter, Manushi’s younger sister, Meet Ahlawat’s wife)
  • Shagun Pandey as Meet Ahlawat    (Rajvardhan and Babita’s youngest son, Masoom and Tej’s younger brother, Shantanu, Esha and Kunal’s cousin, Meet Hooda’s Husband)

Support Role Cast:

The real names of the support role cast of drama serial Meet-Badlegi Dunyia Ki Reet are following:

  • Abha Parmar as Mrs. Hooda   (Ashok’s mother, Manushi and Meet’s grandmother)
  • Vaishnavi Macdonald as Anubha Ashok Hooda   (Ashok’s widow, Manushi and Meet’s mother)
  • Sharain Khanduja as Manushi Hooda   (Anubha and Ashok’s elder daughter, Meet’s elder sister, Kunal’s wife)   (Jailed)
  • Ravi Gossain as Inspector Ashok Hooda   (Mrs. Hooda’s son, Anubha’s husband, Manushi and Meet’s father)   (Dead)
  • Pratham Kunwar as Kunal   (Rajvardhan and Ram’s nephew, Meet, Tej, Masoom and Esha’s cousin, Manushi’s husband)   (Jailed)
  • Sooraj Thapar as Rajvardhan Ahlawat   (Ram’s elder brother, Babita’s husband, Masoom, Tej and Meet Ahlawat’s father, Isha’s aunt, Duggu’s maternal grandfather)
  • Sonica Handa as Babita Ahlawat  (Rajvardhan’s wife, Abhay’s younger sister, Shantanu’s aunt, Masoom, Tej and Meet Ahlawat’s mother, Isha’s aunt, Duggu’s maternal grandmother)
  • Nisha Rawal / Parakh Madan as Masoom  (Rajvardhan and Babita’s daughter, Tej and Meet Ahlawat’s elder sister, Hoshiyar’s wife, Duggu’s mother, Esha and Shantanu’s cousin)
  • Adityarao Nuniwal as Hoshiyar   (Rajvardhan and Babita’s son-in-law, Masoom’s husband, Duggu’s father)
  • Het Makwana as Duggu   (Masoom and Hoshiyar’s son, Isha, Tej and Meet Ahlawat’s nephew, Rajvardhan and Babita’s grandson)
  • Vishal Gandhi as Tej Ahlawat   (Rajvardhan and Babita’s elder son, Meet’s elder and Masoom’s younger brother, Sunaina’s husband, Esha, Shantanu’s cousin, Ram and Lakhan’s adoptive father)
  • Riyanka Chanda as Sunaina Ahlawat   (Tej’s wife, Ram and Lakhan’s adoptive mother)
  • Afzaal Khan as Ram Ahlawat   (Rajvardhan’s younger brother, Ragini’s husband, Ishani and Esha’s father)
  • Preeti Puri as Ragini Ahlawat   (Ram’s wife, Ishani’s step-mother, Esha’s mother)
  • Tamanna Jaiswal as Esha Beniwal   (Ram and Ragini’s daughter, Masoom, Tej, Meet Ahlawat and Kunal’s cousin, Shantanu’s ex-wife, Deep’s widow)
  • Ashutosh Semwal as Deep Beniwal   (Rajvardhan’s employee, Meet Ahlawat’s colleague and childhood friend, Esha’s husband, Barfi Devi’s son, Neelam’s elder brother)   (Dead)
  • Vaidik Poriya as Lakhan Ahlawat   (Tej and Sunaina’s younger adopted son)
  • Dhairya Dwivedi as Ram Ahlawat   (Tej and Sunaina’s elder adopted son)
  • Shalini Mahal as Chhavi   (Hoshiyaar’s younger sister, Masoom’s sister-in-law)
  • Manish Khanna as Jaypratap Singh   (Sunaina’s father, Tej’s father-in-law)
  • Manoj Kolhatkar as Inspector Hawa Singh)
  • Chandan Anand as Minister Abhay Rana   (Babita’s brother, Shantanu’s father, Meet Ahlawat, Tej and Masoom’s maternal uncle, Ashok’s killer)   (Jailed)
  • Ankit Vyas as Shantanu “Shanty” Rana   (Abhay Rana’s son, Esha’s ex-husband, Babita’s nephew, Meet Ahlawat, Tej and Masoom’s cousin)   (Jailed)
  • Gazal Sood as Tanya   (Meet Ahlawat’s college friend)
  • Asmita Sharma as Barfi Beniwal   (Deep and Neelam’s mother)
  • Gouri Agarwal as Neelam Beniwal   (Deep’s sister, Barfi Devi’s daughter)
  • Surbhi Talodiya as Ishani Ahlawat   (Ram and Sushma Mehrotra’s daughter, Ragini’s step-daughter, Isha’s half-sister, Masoom, Tej and Meet Ahlawat’s cousin)

Meet-Badlegi Dunyia Ki Reet story of the drama serial:

Meet-Badlegi Dunyia Ki Reet is a drama about the love story of Meet Hooda and Meet Ahlwat. Their life goes owth up and down and they have to face a lot of challenges while living together. The drama starts with the introduction of Meet Hooda who is the sole breadwinner of her family and has a boyish appearance. After the death of her father she decided to earn for her family. Her father was a Police officer, who died while serving in the police. 

Meet Hooda meets Meet Ahlawat, but they don’t get along due their difference of personalities. But after sometime they get close. Meet Ahlawat breaks his friendship with Meet due some clashes before his marriage from Manushi. But at last minute Meet Ahlawat ends up marrying Meet as Manushi runs away to get married with Kunal. Meet Ahlawat didn’t wanted Meet Hooda as his wife but has to accept her. He tries to meet Manushi but his life gets in danger when he gets surrounded by gangsters. 

They get close to each other with the passage of time and fall in love with each other. Meet gets pregnant and delivers the baby but Manushi kidnaps the baby. She asks nurse to inform Babita that baby was born dead. Babita asks Meet to leave the house. Meet gets to know that his baby is alive she goes to retrieve her baby and Manushi asks her to leave the country. 

Meet Ahlawat thinks she left him and feels sad. Raj is also broken after hearing the news. Drama skips one year time slot and it is shown that Ahlawat is trying to find Meet so that he can help his father Raj in getting healthy. Manjari comes in their life and later it is revealed that she is Meet. She is back to get revenge and goes to retrieve her baby for Manushi that ends up dying. And Meet Hooda’s mother also gets into coma. Meet Ahlawat is really angry on Meet Hooda for lying and not telling him that their baby is alive. In anger he agrees to marry Neelam, Barfi Devi’s daughter.

Meet tries to find the truth behind their marriage and it is revealed that Barfi Devi asked him to marry Neelam using Deep death. Meet tries to Separate Neelam and Meet Ahlawat. Raj gets recover and on learning about Neelam and Meet Ahlawat marriage he gets angry on Meet Ahlawat. Raj declares Meet as the new CEO of his company. Meet also tries to get them together. She sends Neelam to mental hospital on learning about her being unwell. Neelam escapes from there and takes Ahlawat’s family as hostage. Meet rescues them. Barfi Devi takes over Ahlawat’s house so Meet and Meet Ahlawat try their best to get the house back.

Meet-Badlegi Dunyia Ki Reet Recent update:

In recent update of Meet-Badlegi Dunyia Ki Reet drama, while trying to get their house back Meet Ahlawat threatens Neelam and asks her to stop her mom from auctioning the house otherwise he will kill her. On watching the video Barfi Devi stops everything. But after sometime Neelam is found dead in Meet Ahlawat’s car, and he gets arrested for murder. Meet goes to Anurag and asks him to fight his husband case. But in court it turns out that Anurag is fighting the case from Barfi Devi sides. So to save his husband Meet decides to fight his husband case.

Meet-Badlegi Dunyia Ki Reet Upcoming plot twist:

In upcoming plot twist Meet will try to find the proves fro proving Meet Ahlawat innocent and none guilty of murder.