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Yeh Hai Chahatien is Indian drama serial. This drama was aired on December 19, 2019 and is still ongoing series. 

    Name  Yeh Hai Chahatien



Drama , Romance 

   Directed by  

Neeraj Baliyan, Khwaja Mughal, Vishwankar Pathania, Amar Varpe, Ranjan Kumar Singh, Vikas Rai, Aashiesh Paatil

   Produced by   

 Balaji Telefilms producers Ekta Kapoor, Shobha Kapoor.

 Written by   Dheeraj Sarna 
 Theme music composer Lalit Sen, Nawab Arzoo.
 Country of origin  India 
 language  Hindi
 No. of episodes  812
No. of seasons  1
Original network  Star Plus 
Show timings  Monday to Saturday, 10:30 pm
Running timing  20-24 minutes
 Camera setup  Multi-camera
Cinematography  Maneesh Malik, Ashish Sharma


Yeh Hai Chahatien cast real names:

Here is the cast of Yeh Hai Chahatien drama serial:

Main Cast:

  • Sargun kaur Luthra as Dr. Preesha (female lead, Rudraksh’s Wife)
  • Abrar Qazi as Rudraksh “Rudra” Khurana ( Pareesha’s husband, Male Lead) 
  • Abrar Qazi also as Bhuvan Garg( Sonia’s brother)
  • Khrish Chugh as Saransh Khurana (Preesha and Rudraksh’s adopted son) / Vidhaan Sharma as Child Saransh Khurana.
  • Swarna Pandey as Ruhi Khurana (Preesha and Rudhrakh’s daughter) 

Supporting Cast:

    • Indira Krishnan as Vasudha Srinivasan (Venky, Mahima and Preesha’s mother)
    • Vijay Kashyap as Gopal Srinivasan (Retired Judge, Vasudha’s husband, Venky, Mahima and Preesha’s father)
    • Mallika Nayak as Sharda Khurana (Rajeev and Rudraksh’s step-mother)
    • Prince Mahajan as Venkatesh “Venky” Srinivasan (Vasudha and Gopal’s long-lost son, Mahima and Preesha’s brother)
    • Krutika Desai as Advocate Vaijyanti Srinivasan  (Gopal’s niece, Preesha’s cousin)
    • Aishwarya Khare as Mahima Srinivasan (Preesha’s sister,Rajeev’s lover, Saransh’s mother)
    • Sidharth Shivpuri as Advocate Yuvraj Pillai (Preesha’s ex-fiancé, Ahana’s former husband)
    • Poorva Gokhale as Commissioner Revati Choudhary (Rakesh’s wife, Dev and Aliya’s mother)
    • Pragati Chourasiya as Pihu Thakur (Kanchan and Digvijay’s daughter, Armaan and Devika’s cousin)
    • Jeevansh Chadha as Vidyut Rohira (Rudraksh’s cousin, Pihu’s boyfriend)
    • Milind Manek as Raj Bansal (Rudraksh’s cousin)
    • Nitin Bhatia as Bhairavnath “Bunty” Gupta (Bubble’s husband, Rudraksh’s friend)
    • Jyoti Negi as Ankita “Bubble” Gupta (Bunty’s wife, Preesha’s friend)
    • Anjali Mukhi as Sulochana Khurana  (Balraj’s first wife, Kabir, Rajeev and Rudraksh’s mother) 
    • Satyajit Sharma as Balraj Khurana (Kabir’s step-father, Rajeev and Rudraksh’s father)
    • Indraneil Sengupta as Rajeev Khurana (Rudraksh’s brother, Mahima’s lover, Ahana’s husband, Saransh’s father)
    • Aishwarya Sakhuja as Ahana Singhania (Niketan’s daughter, Rajeev’s widow, Yuvraj’s former wife)
    • Tanu Khan as Mishka “Mish” Singhania (Ahana’s sister; Kabir’s former wife, Param’s fiancé)
    • Puvika Gupta as Anvi Thakur (Sanya and Armaan’s daughter)
    • Himani Sahani as Devika Thakur (Armaan’s sister)
    • Sonal Vengurlekar as Sanya Dubash Thakur (Armaan’s ex-wife, Anvi’s mother)
    • Altamash Faraz as Armaan Thakur (A businessman, Sanya’s ex-husband)
    • Karan Kaushal Sharma as Digvijay Thakur (Kanchan’s husband,Pihu’s father)
    • Unknown as Kanchan Thakur  (Digvijay’s wife, Pihu’s mother)
    • Khatija Iqbal as Kaveri Dubey (Surya’s girlfriend, Rudraksh’s fake girlfriend)
    • Rupesh Kataria as Suryadhar “Surya” Raina (Kaveri’s boyfriend) (2019–2020)
    • Mridula Oberoi as Inspector Saachi Chautala (Armaan’s friend) 
    • Bikramjeet Kanwarpal as Niketan Singhania (Ahana and Mishka’s father)
    • Priyanka Chahar Choudhary as Keerti Jain aka Kittu (Sharda’s friend’s daughter)
    • Upen Chauhan as Rahul Arora (Rudraksh’s business rival, Neerja’s husband)
    • Melanie Pais as Neerja Arora (Rahul’s wife, Preesha’s friend)
    • Shabaaz Abdullah Badi as Arjun Verma (Mahima’s ex-boyfriend)
    • Trupti Mishra as Sonia Garg (Bhuvan’s sister, Rudraksh’s fan)
    • Kushansk Arora as Kabir “Kabby” Khurana (Sulochana’s son, Balraj’s step-son,Rudraksh’s half-brother, Mishka’s former husband)
    • Saksham Vasu as Sunny Bhattacharya (Saransh’s imposter mentored by Yuvraj)
    • Ankur Verma as Param Aneja (Rudraksh’s friend, Mishka’s fiancé)
    • Unknown as Vidhi Aneja (Param’s niece, Saransh’s friend)
    • Yajuvendra Singh as Rakesh Choudhary (Revati’s husband, Dev and Aliya’s father) 
    • Maisha Dixit as Aliya Choudhary (Revati and Rakesh’s daughter, Saransh’s best friend)
    • Yash Acharya as Dev Choudhary  (Revati and Rakesh’s son, Ruhi and Saransh’s bully and enemy)
    • Juhi Singh Bajwa as Nalini Sinha (Rakesh’s girlfriend)
  • Preeti Chaudhary as Vanshika Chaudhary (Rudraksh’s secretary and friend)

Yeh Hai Chahatien plot story:

Yeh Hai Chahatien is a love story of Rudraksh and Preesha. At the beginning of the story, Breesha raises her son, her sister Saranch, who dies during his birth. Yuvraj Fakes in the love of Prelasha for upgrade as the father of Bircha is a judge and a lawyer. Farfraj knows that Sarnash is the son of Rajev, so he blackmail him for money and in this process he kills Rajev. Rudra also gets acquainted with Ibn Rajev until he takes avenge his brother and for the full presence of his brother, his son, who marries before, he will marry in marriage, and thinks about the biological biological mother of Saranish. Braisha proves her innocence because she blaming her killing. To take care of Saranch and stop the child’s care from taking him, Rudra and Braisha pretends to be a happy couple. Rudra and Preesha approach each other and develop feelings to each other, and they will try to protect Saransh and care.

In preceha’s advice he takes acceptance to complete his studies. They continue to approach, but because of a misunderstanding, he tries to hurt Brecha using Keerti, his colleague of the singer, but she is killed, so Brechy saved him and Rodra retracted his feeling, to find the truth that she is not the biological mother of Saranch, so Bishha forgives him and goes to the honeymoon but this is spoiled by before Mahaima’s mother, Saranish’s mother. She wants custody for money, and she succeeds in her plain, so Rudra’s fakes are separated with Braisha and pretending to marry Mahaima to stop her. Bresha admits her love for Rudra. Mahima learns the truth and uses Rudra looks similar to the misunderstanding of Bishra and tries to destroy evidence. He learns the truth of the truth, which Mahaima and Bouvian kill. After a time, preseha is also learning the truth because the appearance alike has no birthmark by Rudra. Until Mahaima is arrested. Rudra Ana Preshs is close to each other.

Rudra returns to Mother Soloshanna’s biological with her son Kabir to wealth, Braisha realizes that there is an intention and Rudra warns of that but he does not believe. Kabir deceives AHana, and asks her to marry him to get property. Kabir kidnaps Rudra with Mahima, but Preesha managed to save him and move to air. Prelasha AHana and Kabir’s marriage by sending Yuvraj instead of Kabir. Mishka and Caber marry and succeed in obtaining and kidnapped Sranch nursery. An attempt to save Bishha bring the police, and Saranch and Mishka are supposed to die. Rudra Braisha blames their deaths, so they separate and Rudra will never sing. Braisha is rescued by Arman Thakur from falling under the hill and moving to an atmosphere with him. After 6 months, Prisha and Rudra cross the road and is believed to be married to Arman. The fact that Mishka is alive is exposed and it lives with AHana. Arman and Divica find the truth of their marriage.

Devica is found dead and the main suspect’s Bishha is arrested, but Rudra saves her. Rudra is increasing from marrying Sanya, Arman’s wife to obtain information regarding Saranch, who is sad about Bishha and asks Arman to marry her, in the end Rudra arrives, asks her to stop, admits his feelings and tells her about their son alive. Sarnash memory returns, and they get married again. Armaan does not stop tampering with them and everything tries to harm Rudra even by giving him a drink that makes his voice harm. Arman and Sania are planning Rudra, but they are deceived by Bricha and Rudra with the help of Mishka. Rudra and Braisha tries to marry Mishka and Barm, but Brechy Finki’s brother is trying to stop their marriage because Mishka has incorrectly accused him because of what he had to hide. Rudra warns him and displays him on Braisha because of his kidnapping, Sarnaish, while Sarnaash saves and fights the death of Vinka, which Brechy carries and gets the death penalty and is still conscious Rudra.

She saved her by falsifying her death while she was pregnant. Rudra believes that and suffers from depression. It passes five years of time, as it raises Brecha Rohi alone. Rudra ends with Rohi, who is also a singer and becomes close. After a lot of mistakes about meeting each other, Prelasa and Rudra will finally meet, when he tries to save ROHI from Fire. But he creates a misunderstanding by telling Rudra that Rohi is his daughter, who was obtained by Braisha when Rudra was fragmented with him. But Roh is trying to collect them and when Rohi gets injured and needs rare blood and Rudra, the blood type, which when Breisha tells her that Rohi is his daughter. In torment, it ends up sending it to prison. But she gets the guarantee and reveals the fact that Vijante is a killer. Dev, Bully Ruhi and Sarnash.

In Holly’s event, Rohi got acquainted with the fact that Rudra is her father and happy. Rudra begins teaching music at Khorana School to spend time with his family. Dave maintains bullying. Dave was finally killed to save Rohi. Prisha and Rudra tries to hide his body but are arrested by Revati. But the truth was revealed that Dave was killed by the husband of my countryside. He holds a bic again, which everyone is happy. After nine months when the child was about to be born, Revati and Armaan are poisoned and kidnapped their child. Braisha and Rudra fight each other and Arman Brechs and take her with him. Prisha loses her memory due to drugs. Prisha goes to Delhi, Rohi and Saranch to find her, but she does not recognize her.

Rohi prepared a meeting for her parents. When they meet Breisha’s work violently. Rudra tries everything to restore the memory of Brechs and succeed in doing this, and by exposing Arman sends him to prison. In a bomb explosion it is believed that Rodra has died, accusing Vidyut and sent him to prison, and then he who believes Behau believes take revenge because she loves Vidyut. The daughter of Parisha Rohi and Sarda hated her because of Arman, who brought him to Khurana’s house. Rudra returns and declares Beheu as his fiancée because she is pregnant with a vidyuts child. He knew Brecha brought Arman to the house. Arman behaves like a seven -year -old child due to brain injury.

Yeh Hai Chahatien latest news:

In recent episodes Rudra is hurt seeing Preesha married to Armaan, and asks the reason why she married him but she refuses to tell for the sake of their missing son. So he thinks of marrying Pihu. And Pihu manipulates Pareesha and keeps creating misunderstandings and gets married to Rudra. But Roohi and Saransh tries to reuite their parents. 

Yeh Hai Chahatien upcoming twist:

Roohi will ask Pareesha to attend their parent teacher meeting as Rudra wife, at parent teacher meeting both will get close to each other.